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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of website is this? is one of the projects of the Dutch foundation STIWOT which stands for “Stichting Informatie Wereldoorlog Twee” which can be translated as “Foundation for World War Two Information”. This website provides an overview of places of interest related to the Second World War such as cemeteries, monuments and museums in Europe and beyond. Next to the necessary information concerning those sights which may be called up, the visitor is also invited to provide his or her opinion about the visited place.
More information about may be obtained at this site.

What is STIWOT?

STIWOT is engaged in supplying of information about the Second World War, mainly through the internet. This is achieved by developing and managing the various websites. Next to STIWOT manages amongst others,,, and To obtain more information about STIWOT and its activities and websites you may want to visit the website of this foundation.

Who contributes to this website? is completely maintained and updated by an enthusiastic team of volunteers. An actual overview of these volunteers you may obtain in the employees chart.

Contributions to the website

How can I contribute to the website?

STIWOT and are always looking for new colleagues. You are invited to to become employed as an author or photographer of places of interest related to World War Two. For more information, look at actual summary of vacancies or do contact us through the contact form.

Is there any other way I can contribute to this website?

Not everybody has sufficient time available to contribute to this internet project. But do you want to support STIWOT, than you may want to become a sponsor. Your financial contribution will enhance further developments of More information, amongst others the advantages for sponsors, you will find on the page of information for sponsors at the website of STIWOT. Also your company may sponsor our foundation, you can find further information on the STIWOT website or contact is the chairman, responsible for sponsoring.

Contents of the website

Why do I miss out on any of the places of interest?

It is impossible for to register all of the places of interest related to World War Two. Nevertheless we strive to provide the information to be as comprehensive as possible. In case you are of the opinion that an important sight worth seeing is lacking, you are kindly invited to point this out to us. On the website there is an opportunity to report a place of interest that is still lacking. More information you may find here.

I am unable to find some specific information, to whom can I address my queries? is aiming to be as comprehensive as possible. But if you establish that certain information is lacking concerning a specific subject, we would highly appreciate it to be informed accordingly through our contactform. We do not present actual visitors information such as entry fees, opening hours etc., as it is virtually impossible to keep track of developments or changes. If applicable you will be able to connect to the subject site by means of a link where you may find the actual information. Questions regarding visitors information you may want to address to the organization or museum involved.

In case you have other questions regarding the contents, it may be a good suggestion to look around at the STIWOT-Forum. This forum is being frequented by a large group of people who share their interest in the Second World War and you run a fair chance that your question is adequately answered. Also for any interesting, non political discussion related to the Second World War the STIWOT Forum is the right address. So do you have a question concerning the Second World War? Do you want to discuss anything regarding this subject? On our Forum you are at the right place!

How do I communicate spelling errors?

It may occur that you stumble upon a spelling error or a funny sentence construction during the reading of one of the texts on a place of interest. cannot guarantee that all information provided on the website is flawless. You can report about these mistakes by means of the reporting form.

How do I report faults?

It may occur that you stumble upon a fault report during a visit to our website. In spite of the fact that we maintain and check our site regularly and most carefully, technical errors are not excluded. You may report these errors or ‘bugs’ by means of the reporting form. Our technical services department will than take care of this problem with an appropriate solution.

Extra services

Why does ‘Google Maps’ not provide the precise location of the place of interest?

At we use the services of ‘Google Maps’. Therefore needs to possess the necessary address data. It may happen that a place of interest is situated along an unknown pathway or does not have an appropriate house number. That may cause the possibility that ‘Google Maps’ deviates from the exact location. In spite of this orientation error the real location is never very far away from the coordinates as provided by ‘Google Maps’.

How is the WW2 content being established?

The WW2 content provides the quantity of the Second World War involvement of the place of interest. Although such proportion is not always easy to establish, this content has to be considered as an indication only. establishes this proportion itself and it is therefore in no way committal.

Visitor's reactions on the website

Why is my reaction not to be found on the website?

Each reaction to is being checked before it is issued. Depending on the workload the reaction will be added as soon as possible. In case the subject of the reaction is not related to the place of interest or to an aforementioned reaction, the comment will not be issued.

Is there any form of censorship on

Every reaction is being treated equally and is pleased to provide an opportunity to everybody to issue an opinion about a place of interest, but this will have to done in a decent and dignified way without any political implications.

A reaction will be edited or, in the worst case, refused when:

  • The content is too compact e.g. in the number of words.
  • Contact information is mentioned like URL’s, telephone numbers or an address.
  • Offensive language is being used.
  • Sentences are being made in capital letters or any other distracting errors are made.

In case you will detect any reactions which are not in agreement with the abovementioned items, you are kindly requested to report this by means of the reporting form.

RSS Feeds

Which issues are being provided by means of an RSS Feed?

At this moment we provide RSS feeds of the last 10 Added items and of the 10 Last changed or adapted entries that have been appearing on These Feeds are available here.

Am I allowed to use your RSS Feeds on my website?

If you want to use the RSS Feeds as issued by us for your own website, you are requested to contact the webmaster. The webmaster will have to provide his permission before you are allowed to use the Feeds on your website.

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