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Daspit, Lawrence Randall "Dan"


Name:  Daspit, Lawrence Randall "Dan"
Date of birth: October 18th, 1905 (Houma/Louisiana, United States)
Date of death:  May 31st, 1979
Buried on:  Arlington National Cemetery (list)
Plot: 3.  Grave: 4466.
Nationality:  American


Lawrence Daspit sailed numerous submarine (Gato and Balao class, diesel electric, fleet boats) war patrols in the Pacific, primarily against Japanese naval combatants and merchant vessels. USS Tinosa, SS-283, was distinguished by Captain Daspit's calculated and aggressive pursuit of the enemy. While on the Tinosa's fourth war patrol, he relentlessly studied problems with torpedo effectiveness while under battle conditions by making various approaches on targets and documenting his preparation for each shot and the results. When he returned from patrol to Pearl Harbor he made a vigorous presentation to Admiral Lockwood and subsequently the Navy Bureau of Ordinance to isolate the torpedo problems and make corrective action. As result he was awarded the Navy Cross and received accelerated promotions to full Captain and then Admiral. He recommended others of his crew for medals/recognition in support of his pressing modifications to torpedos.

1927: Ensign;
1932(?): Lieutenant (junior grade);
1938(?): Lieutenant.

1927: Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland;
January 1929: U.S.S. New York;
July 1929: Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida;
1932: U.S.S. Childs;
1934: U.S.S. S-20;
1937: University of California, Berkeley, California;
1938: U.S.S. Pike;
15th January 1943 - December 1943: Commanding Officer U.S.S. Tinosa (SS-283);
30th August 1952 - 22nd July 1953: Commanding Officer U.S.S. Los Angeles (CA-135);
1960: Commander Submarines Atlantic Fleet (COMSUBLANT);
16th July 1965 - 31st October 1967: Commanding Officer Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia.


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