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Biesbosch Museum Werkendam

(Netherlands, the - North Brabant - Werkendam)

In the Second World War the Germans could not control the Biesbosch as a result of its inaccessibility. Therefore the Biesbosh was an ideal hide-out during the Second World War. In the last year of the war even groups of German soldiers were captured and kept in captivity in the Biesbosch.

When the south of the country is liberated in the last months of 1944 the area north of the Amer river, including the Biesbosch, is still occupied by the Germans. The Dutch resistance then starts crossings between the occupied and liberated part of the country.

The Biesbosch Museum Werkendam shows the history of the Biesbosch during the Second World War with a small exposition, in which the crossing of the British general John Hackett is central.

For current visiting hours, please visit the website of the museum.


  • Text: G. Nuiten & Barry van Veen
  • Photos: Kevin Prenger

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Hilweg 2
4251MT Werkendam
+31 0183 - 504009
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