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German Communications-bunker

(Belgium - West Flanders - Roeselare)

In the Sint-Hubrechtsstraat, near number 51, is a German bunker from the Second World War. It is located next to a large house dating from 1897.

In the Second World War the Germand build a bunker in this house. It was used foor communications and wasmade of concrete walls with a thickness of 1 meter. There was also a room for two machine-guns.


  • Text: Rino Deltombe
  • Photos: Rino Deltombe

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Sint-Hubrechtsstraat 51
8800 Roeselare
WWII grade:

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This is a strange one that i didn't know of.
However this type of bunker can also be found in France, La Manche district, at St.-Vaast-la-Hogue where about 4 bunkers of this type are build into the sea wall.
I can see that this bunker makes part of a bigger bunker complex from witch we can only see a full wall, probably the back of it.
By: Erwin
City: Lede
Date and time: 24-08-2009 12:03:02
Ranking: 5 out of 5 stars
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