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Monument Rhine crossing Oosterbeek

(Netherlands, the - Guelders - Driel)

It is 25th September 1944,The battle of Arnhem is still raging, but the position of the surrounded British an Polish Airborne troops on the northern Rhine bank has become untenable. Then the order for their evacuation across the river is given. In that rainy night hundreds of soldiers come in small parties to the river forelands both clearly visible from here and wait to be rescued. Under heavy German fire from the Westerbouwring British and Canadian Engeniers make dozens of trips in their small boats from this bank. In one night, supported by other units they manage to rescue 2,400 Airborne troops. At the time the rescue had hardly seen their savers, so they have never been able to thank them. This monument has been erected to express their gratitude (15th September 1989).


  • Text: Marcel Jans
  • Photos: Marcel Jans

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Drielse Rijndijk
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