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German War Cemetery Riga Beberbeki

(Latvia - Babītes novads - Beberbeki)

In the middle of the forest this German war cemetery is located. It is used to bring together the graves out of the surrounding regions. There are now 2,412 graves on this cemetery.

The names of 6,600 German soldiers who were buried in Riga but whose graves are covered with a civilian cemetery are written on columns. Also the names of 1200 died POW’s are written on separate columns. The location of their graves is unknown.

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  • Text: Fedor de Vries
  • Photos: Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorgung e.V.

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Amongst others, the following persons are buried here or mentioned on the Wall of Missing (Overview)

Anzinger, Max
* September 2nd, 1920
† January 12th, 1944
Plot: 3 
Eitel, Emil
* June 6th, 1915
† September 14th, 1944

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