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Ter Horst House

(Netherlands, the - Guelders - Oosterbeek)

During the heavy fighting in September 1944 in Oosterbeek the house of the family Ter Horst became a refuge for the ever growing number of wounded British soldiers. Although Kate ter Horst was taking care of 5 children of her own she was an example of power and endurance. She helped the Doctors and comforted those who were dying and encouraged the other wounded, in the evenings she made the rounds reading psalms from an English bible.

Kate died after an accident in 1992 and in both England and Netherlands there was a remembrance service held for her. She rightly earned the title The Angel of Arnhem and she shall never be forgotten by the British Airborne troops. Jan and Kate ter Horst were decorated for their deeds in 1944 by the British Embassador in Holland,Sir John Taylor with the Honorary Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Alas Jan ter Horst died 1st August 2003. He was 98 years old.


  • Text: Hans Molier
  • Photos: Arjan Vrieze / Hans Molier

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Benedendorpsweg 136
6862 WP Oosterbeek
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Ter Horst House

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I have visited your beautiful country on many occassions, as my uncle is buried at Venray War Cemetery,
On my visits to Arnhem I was told the story of Kate te Horst, I believe she was killed by some youth crashing into her garden, I now find that Jan as died in 2003 they must have been wonderful people as indeed the dutch are, and thank you for such a wonderful site, I have bookmarked it for future visits.
By: Eddie Worthington
City: Newton Aycliffe, England
Date and time: 16-09-2006 11:43:20