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Canadian War Cemetery Bergen op Zoom

(Netherlands, the - North Brabant - Bergen op Zoom)

On this cemetery are 1,116 (mostly Canadian) soldiers from World War Two buried. There is also a Dutch pilot in service of the R.A.F buried there, 1st Luitenant Airman J.G.C. Koes.

Close to the cemetery is the British War cemetery.

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  • Text: Fedor de Vries
  • Photos: Paul Moerenhout (1,2), Dirk den Boer (3,4) & Fedor de Vries (5)

Address and contactinformation

Ruytershoveweg 1
4622 RJ Bergen op Zoom
WWII grade:

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Amongst others, the following persons are buried here or mentioned on the Wall of Missing (Overview)

Honey, Hedley Arthur
November 3rd, 1944
Plot: 2 Row: A Grave: 11
Lane, John Napier
Perry, George Alfred
October 13th, 1944
Plot: 3 Row: B Grave: 5

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