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Commonwealth War Graves Langdorp

(Belgium - Flemish-Brabant - Langdorp)

At the Churchyard in Langdorp are eight Commonwealth war graves, these are the graves of F/S D.J.Ashby-Peckham, Sgt R.P.Goward, Sgt A.E.Gurney, Sgt E.D.Hart, F/O A.R.Helvard, Sgt T.R.Lunn, Sgt P.D.McArdle and P/O W.G.Shillinglaw. On June 22, 1943 departed at 0014 from Downham Market airbase, the Stirling BK712, with a bombing mission to the city of Krefeld in Germany. The aircraft was shot down over Belgium by night-fighter Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer 111NJG1. Then it crashed at 0133 in Langdorp. In the crash alle crew members were killed, they are all buried in this cemetery. Special is the gravestone of F/O A.R.Helvard, he was of Danish descent and has a Danish writing at the bottom of his tombstone (photo 5).

There is also a plaque commemorating these men.

We like to add more information about the casualties buried in these graves. If you know more about these graves, please contact us.


  • Text: Paul Moerenhout
  • Photos: Anneke Moerenhout

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